Tricksters Stole My Compassion

Tricksters Stole My Compassion


Growing up I was taught to be kind, compassionate, generous and loving. I was taught to help people in need and that has been my lifestyle but I fear tricksters have stolen my compassion overtime.

It’s quite a phenomenon that you could be on your way to some place and end up short of cash(probably forgot to collect your change from the trotro’s mate who said he didn’t have change for your 50 GHS). Or let’s say you misplaced your wallet, purse, phone or a misfortune like get robbed and you’ll need help from a fellow person to complete your journey or get home(this is the case where you can’t be sure you’ll get someone to pay your fare if you charter a taxi home or to the office).

In this instance your only option will be to ask, beg and plead with someone to come to your aid. It’ll be very easy for someone who witnessed your predicament to help you out than for you to walk up to some other person who has no idea what story you are saying to decide to believe it and help you.

But here is the twist, you help such people out because you can relate to their story. You remember when it happened to you and you had to trek about 4 miles because no one helped you. You help them out because someone told you a story of how they could have saved a life by helping some strange guy who stopped them for help but didn’t all in the name of it was a trick but turned out true. You help because your religious believe says to help the poor and needy.

You meet him/her the first time at Tema Station, then there is a second encounter at Kwame Nkrumah circle, then the third meeting at Madina station, by now you have fully ascertained it’s the same person and the same refined story only thing is you have been able to make them out but they can’t make you out. So the next time they stop to ask for your help maybe at Lapaz you’ve had it with all their trickery and ways, you confront them and they just feign ignorance or claim it’s an issue of mistaken identity and head off from you only to meet and ask you again at Tema station another day.

It’s probably happened to you eh!. You might have been approached by a young man posing to be a student from the university of Ghana, Zenith College or any other institution depending on where you are meeting the person.

Or you could have been stopped by a woman with a baby on her back with quite a compelling story. Oh, I’m sure you have heard of the guy who has a medical prescription and needs just a top up amount to buy his drugs from the pharmacy.

These are few instances I’ve encountered and others have shared with me of situations where people come up to them asking for aid and help. Usually because of compassion we will extend a hand of help.

After witnessing this betrayal and abuse of my compassions, my attitude towards people who walk up to me to ask for help has changed. I don’t trust any story any person tells me, i will even look scornfully at them because of the last incident of extortion. It’s more like tricksters have stolen my compassion. On occasions where i do give, It doesn’t happen because I’m having compassion but just to get them to leave me alone.

Have you encountered or heard stories of these confident tricksters, care to share with us?

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One thought on “Tricksters Stole My Compassion

  • its true oo, Tricksters Stole My Compassion too. They seem to always have a convincing story to tell and after assisting, you again meet them with the same issue. SHM!!


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