The Ghanaian Stereotypes

The Ghanaian Stereotypes

Definitions: A stereotype is

“…a fixed, over generalized belief about a particular group or class of people.”

“an often unfair and untrue belief that many people have about all people or things with a particular characteristic”.

People think what they want, how they want and when they want based on their daily relationships with others. We conceive notions and perceptions based on stories we hear. Over the years various stories have been told of the Ghanaian, we have been acclaimed worldwide as hospitable people and happens no matter which part of the country you find yourself. Ghanaian ladies are believed to have heavy backsides.

As you are aware the nation is made of various ethnics and tribes and these are also known to have certain peculiar characters and traits. I’ll like to share some of these with you, some may apply to other ethnic groups but I’ll choose them because most people associate them with the issue.

The Fante’s

The Fante’s are widely known to love/like/over use (not sure which should apply, kindly help yourself with one) English Names. You’ll hear a name like James Riverson Peters expecting to see an “obroni” only to see Fiifi show up, lol.
Conversation with a Fante end up being mixed with English intermittently.
When it comes to food, the Fante’s love their food rich, nothing short of “sorkyii”.

The Ga’s

There is the travel and see adage which I think Ga’s probably never get to hear or interpret it otherwise, they don’t like traveling.
Not sure why but people believe Ga’s are very lazy. Maybe because they don’t even want to travel out of their towns, can’t say.
Ga’s are said to be stingy (I didn’t say that). We’ll I’m sure you know the Ga’s constitute the higher popularity in the field of boxing, well there’s also another thing; they love verbal agreements fights “kw3 ma yi bo, obuu m) ona”.

The Number 9’s – Voltarian’s

Lets start with this one, no other tribe is feared than the voltarians when it comes to fetish stuff, well technically the northerners are known to be contenders.
Volta ladies have the upper hand when it comes to beauty.
More people seem very convinced about this though, that Voltarians don’t help each other.
the men from Volta like drinking.

The Asante’s

The Otikorkorsu’s are the experts and chiefs when it comes to funerals, (need I say more) the extravagance that comes with it.
The Ashanti’s are very ambitious and hardworking, (that can’t be taken from them).
I mentioned earlier on the extravagance during funerals, but they actually really love to spend and of course with it comes the bragging.
From history they are known to not be very tall people, most Ashanti’s you meet will fall in the short category.

The Akuapems

Don’t get into an argument, debate or anything that involves weighing in on an issue if you really aren’t ready for it, they are known to drag issues.

If you have an explanation to why some tribes do something’s they are believed to be found of or why others perceive them as such please share with us in the comments. Also If there are other stereotypes you have heard that haven’t been shared please fill us in by sharing it in the comments, Thanks.

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