The Oseikrom Slang always awes me, this time SOBOLO just did it

The Oseikrom Slang always awes me, this time SOBOLO just did it

It’s was fun literally running up and down the streets of Adum, Asafo, Asokwa, Bantama, Kejetia, etc.  After walking around in OseiKrom, Kumasi for hours it was time to head back home. I got to the taxi station and heard the loading guy shouting “ASAFO” “STADIUM RD” “SOBOLO”.

Staying in a home close to the stadium I jumped in. It was kind of astonishing to learn Oseikrom had an area with the name “Sobolo”. Also hearing of an area named “Sobolo” in Ghana would mean there’s a story to it. Maybe it’s a name of a popular bar, a sobolo joint, etc. But we all know anything is possible right? I actually got the thought out of my head. Few minutes and we were on our way. I thought it would be a better alternative to pass by the New Kumasi City mall for a stop over, grab some stuff before getting home.

En-route the ride I saw a sign post that brought back earlier thoughts. “SOBOLO” or “SOBORO”


Bursting out with laughter, everyone in the taxi turned to look at me. I was in a serious frenzy, I couldn’t help myself, would you blame me?
In my head I was like wait was it the KMA that had a typo or it was my kumasiano’s slang? Meaning the R and L tongue twist.

After getting the stuffs, I headed back to the spot of the sign post to take a shot. I had to  find out which was right. I didn’t want to be somewhere and say either one and be laughed at. I got back home asked from family and jeez someone was totally off lol. Oh it wasn’t the sign post, you figured? You see I actually believed it was sobolo when I heard it. The confidence and consistency with which it was said around then, solidified that. Now you understand why I couldn’t stop laughing, they got me. lol

What was your R and L tongue twist encounter if you’ve had one. Or have you Kumaslurred, twisting the R and L? Share your experience.

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