Beautiful Experiences from Western Ghana

Beautiful Experiences from Western Ghana

I took one week off with some friends to tour the Western Region of Ghana. Especially the coastal areas.

We planned to get to the southern most part of Ghana. Getting to Cape Three point during the weekend is a bit challenging as there aren’t buses plying the route. The alternative will be chattering a taxi in and out for a same day trip. The view from the lighthouse is breathtaking.

Going into Nzulezu you’ll have to visit the tourist information center to get a guide who’ll take you to the city. The village sits on stilts at the side of the lake and during the dry season there’s land to play football. The view is great and the experience is awesome. The village seems to house about 200 inhabitants. The people are said to come from Mali, running away from a war and built a community on the lake. A lot of young people living there don’t really like it because the only job there is fishing. Even the farmers from the village have to paddle a canoe for about an hour to get to their farms. It was almost a boring town with not much to see and do.

Staying at Busua beach was relaxing. You could take surfing lessons or go for a surf for a fee. There are various restaurants and pubs along the beach.

Theresia shares more pictures of her tour through the Western Region of Ghana.

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