Chale Wote 2017 to set Accra LIT! with Alternative Arts

Chale Wote 2017 to set Accra LIT! with Alternative Arts

Chale Wote 2017 is here!

It’s here again Chale Wote 2017 Street Arts Festival. Bringing together a diversity and collection of alternative arts from around the country and across the globe.
This year marks its 7th edition and like i say each year it gets bigger and better. Last year‘s was a blast.

chale wote 2017

This year the theme for the event is WATA MATA. Wata Mata is derived from the pidgin of Water Matter. The organizers, ACCRA DOT ALT say “WATA MATA is a space of persistent form-making where imaginative resistance defeats systemic forces that threaten the lives of marginalized communities across the continent and world.”  You don’t get it? No problem. There will be lots of conversations, installations and demonstrations around the theme to help you understand.
During this week 14-20th August, alternative arts in photography and film, digital art and music, installations, spoken word, poetry, graffiti art, etc will be held in various spots across the city.

This year we bring together hundreds of artists from Ghana and across the globe including 50 feature artists to unveil new works. Artists from LeSotho, Kenya, Nigeria, Poland, France, Germany, South Africa, Canada, U.S., Argentina, UK, and Brazil are presenting feature pieces.

You’ll do yourself a very big favor if you download the Chale Wote 2017 brochure.  You’ll get to know what is happening when and where. For example to meet the artists, get more insights into their creative processes, that’ll be during the LABS sessions on August 17-18th at Terra Alta and Web DuBois centre. It also helps you plan ahead of time, and enjoy the full festival experience.

So What’s there to expect at Chale Wote 2017

If you are asking this question odds are you are a newbie to the event. First check out the  packing list to having a  pumped festival, thank me later 🙂 lol. Really, what’s there not to expect. Only make sure you don’t end up at a local funeral or outdooring thinking it’s part of the festival event.

Use and follow the Chale wote 2017 street arts festival  conversations via the official hashtag #chalewote2017. What has been your Chale Wote festival experiences over the years, share with us.


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