Looking Forward and Embracing Technology

The world is developing and transforming at great speeds today than yesterday. Breakthroughs in various fields of study and life are happening every now and then and if you want to be up-to-date then you need to evolve with them or get lost.
If technology were to be a company I’m sure it’s tag line will be making your life simpler, but I doubt some Ghanaians will allow a thing like that. Sort of prefer complicated to simple. We do not detest it, we embrace it but with a scornful attitude.
Some banks have introduced e-services like online banking, mobile app banking and digital teller banking to help reduce delays and to provide convenience for customer’s. I have seen a number of banks taking initiatives to force a change in how their customers bank. I’ve seen Standard Chartered Bank client service agents go round and talk to customers about their breeze mobile app. They help them set it up and demo the process to them. I’m sure other banks with apps have done same but we are adamant.

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